Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries


    Zigong Colorful Lantern Festival Management Committee and Zigong Commerce Department constantly blaze new trails concerning the “Five Zigong Building Projects” and put forward the target of enhancing Zigong lantern cultural export. Through a series of way of getting policy support and raising funds from the upper level governments, all level governments aid Zigong lantern enterprises to "go abroad" and participate in the international market competition, expand cultural products and services exports, raise public awareness of Zigong lantern both home and abroad, and Zigong lantern industry has become bigger and stronger. Through all effort, the lantern enterprises in Zigong have been developing quickly. As of the third quarter of 2012, four companies have, respectively, held lantern shows in the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Netherlands and so on. The Ministry of Commerce, Central Propaganda Ministry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Radio, Press and Publication jointly affirm Zigong lantern show as one of the key enterprises and key projects of 2011-2012 annual national cultural exports. Among them, the annual number of the export authorized reached up to eight enterprises and two projects from only one enterprise and one project in 2009-2010, which is twice as much in 2007-2010, accounting for 50% of the total in Sichuan Province.

    The export enterprises authorized include Zigong Lantern Trade Co., Ltd., Zigong Lantern Exhibition Co., Ltd, Sichuan Zigong Tianyu Landscape Art Co., Ltd, Zhongxin Industrial Company, Zigong Haitian Culture Communication Co., Ltd, Zigong Longsheng Simulation Model Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Sichuan Lituo Landscape technology Co., Ltd, and Zigong Henggu Longteng Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, the Zigong Lantern Trade Company and Sichuan Tianyu Landscape Art Co., Ltd are appointed as two key export enterprises thanks to their unique Koran Dinosaur Colorful Lantern Show and Colorful Lantern Carnival in Holland respectively.

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